An American Betrayal: Cherokee Patriots and the Trail of Tears

Coming November 8, 2011.
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An American Betrayal: Cherokee Patriots and the Trail of Tears

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The fierce battle over identity and patriotism within Cherokee culture that took place in the years surrounding the Trail of Tears.

“An American Betrayal: Cherokee Patriots and the Trail of Tears,” written by Daniel Blake Smith, explores the pervasive effects of the tribe’s uprooting that have never been examined in detail. Despite the Cherokees’ efforts to assimilate with the dominant white culture—running their own newspaper, ratifying a constitution based on that of the United States—they were never able to integrate fully with white men in the New World.

Daniel Blake Smith’s vivid prose brings to life a host of memorable characters: the veteran Indian-fighter Andrew Jackson, who adopted a young Indian boy into his home; Chief John Ross, only one-eighth Cherokee, who commanded the loyalty of most Cherokees because of his relentless effort to remain on their native soil; most dramatically, the dissenters in Cherokee country—especially Elias Boudinot and John Ridge, gifted young men who were educated in a New England academy but whose marriages to local white girls erupted in racial epithets, effigy burnings, and the closing of the school.

Smith, an award-winning historian, offers an eye-opening view of why neither assimilation nor Cherokee independence could succeed in Jacksonian America.

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The Shipwreck That Saved Jamestown

The Shipwreck That Saved Jamestown: The Sea Venture Castaways and the Fate of America

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“A thrilling adventure story gracefully told”–KIRKUS REVIEWS

“A well-researched account. . . that paints a vivid portrait of lives packed with daily hardships, from dangerous transatlantic crossings to the realistic fear of being massacred by Indians.”–CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR

“It’s a rip-snortn’ story of shipwreck, intrigue, horror, courage, risk, luck and will, and the authors milk it for all it’s worth. . . letting the story unfold in all its inherent complexity, tragedy, and suspense. Glover and Smith focus on the tale’s human elements and its often harrowing, sometimes inspirational events with appropriate verve.”–PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

“The adventures that Glover and Smith describe are as gripping as those to be found in a historical novel by Sir Walter Scott or a thriller by Alan Furst.”–PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE

“In this gripping account of shipwreck, mutiny, perseverance, and deliverance, the epic story of the wreck of the Sea Venture and its consequences for the survival of Jamestown. . . is told for the first time.”–James Horn, author of A LAND AS GOD MADE IT: JAMESOWN AND THE BIRTH OF AMERICA

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