I’m excited to announce that my company, DBS Films, has optioned the powerful memoir by Travis Waters, THE WESTCOAST KID-MY REDEMPTION, to turn into a major motion picture!  THE WESTCOAST KID tells the compelling true story of Waters’ talented beginnings as a star high school basketball player in South Florida (competing evenly against the likes of Deion Sanders) whose dreams were shattered in the late 1980s when he fell into the seductive and extremely lucrative world of drug smuggling.   At the age of 19 Travis was bringing tens of thousands of pounds of marijuana and cocaine into the U.S. for none other than Medellin cartel kingpin Pablo Escobar–his fellow Cuban and Colombian smugglers tagged him with the nickname “the Westcoast Kid.”  A DEA-directed bust, though, landed Waters in prison where his descent turned truly horrific:  prison gangs forced him into playing basketball for money which led to him being repeatedly beaten–and worse–simply for playing (and winning) at the game he loved.  When he finally was released 6 years later, he returned home to Naples, Florida, where he now has turned his life around in a remarkable act of redemption:  along with his powerful book, Travis counsels at-risk kids everywhere about the dangers of drugs, offering up his own painful but compelling story as a cautionary tale for those who are at the crossroads in making important life decisions.   Look for THE WESTCOAST KID to be a provocative feature film!

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